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Boarding docks for the mooring of submarines

Project Detail

Project to build boarding docks for the mooring of submarines in Mers El Kebir spring (Algeria).

The project consists of implementing 3 docks of 78,00 m in length each one, for the mooring of submarines at the port of Mers el Kebir (Algeria).

The main elements that make up the structure of the docks are the reinforced concrete caissons. The design and definition of the drawers were made to optimize its functionality in the finished work situation, but also to ease its execution during the construction phase.

According to the solution defined above for the transition area closest to the spring Arzew, were done two different types of drawers. The so-called “Type 1”, with a total height of 12.75 m, and the so-called “Type 2” with a total height of 8.75 m. Type 1 were built 12 units, and 3 of Type 2.

Drawers have an octagonal design, with a distance between outer faces of parallel walls of 12,00 m (equivalent to a regular octagon of 4.97 m side). The width of the walls of the shaft is 0.40 m, thus the distance between inner faces is 11.20m.