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Environmental protection

Project Detail

In the early 1990s, when Spain began to suffer a wave of forest fires, ALCANTARA SYSTEMS created a R&D Department dedicated to the application of new technologies and the creation of more effective means in fighting forest fires.

The first project we did was the design and building of a multipurpose fire truck, by recycling the chassis of the battle tanks T-55 and M-60 from disarmament agreements of NATO in the Warsaw Pact.

This project was declared European project. At the same time the public company TRAGSA, under the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and the Spanish Ministry of the Environment joined the project as partner.

This fire truck proved its high effectiveness in case of fire and windy night, when it is impossible to use air assets.

We have developed, in collaboration with the authorities of the Autonomous Community of Castilla La Mancha, two projects for the construction of fire vehicles. The first was a nurse heavy vehicle with 9,000-liter tank chassis 6 × 6 specially adapted for direct attack. The second was a surveillance vehicle and first responders, on chassis Land Rover, which was considered the most efficient in its class.

In the area of environmental protection, ALCANTARA SYSTEMS has participated in various campaigns for building firewalls, in collaboration with the authorities of the autonomous regions of Castilla La Mancha, Andalusia, Valencia and Murcia.