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Naval Division


ALCANTARA SYSTEMS was established in 1997 at Cartagena, with the aim of building and repairing small glass reinforced plastics boats. In spite of its youth, our company has grown very quickly.

In the early years, Alcantara was focused on fishing vessels (trawlers and purse seiner) and later, expand its product range building ferries (250 pax. Maximum) and multipurpose vessels, highlighting the ones for wind farm industry.

We built catamarans instead of mono-hull and we developed and patented an innovative design with three bows. Thanks to this and to a special composite structure our boats can sail with rough seas, carrying big loads and operating big cranes.


Our boats



Fishing boats



Patrol boats



Maintenance services of wind farms and oil platforms.

Aquaculture boats

Designed to work in fish farms and research facilities

Fishing boats

Designed, manufactured and delivered in our courses, fishing boats equipped with the latest technology and equipment for the height and inshore fishing.


Designed to transport passengers with pleasant interiors and high quality in finishing.

Refrigerator Boats

It has transportation equipment necessary to maintain unchanged the cold chain.

Patrol boats

In different sizes, 20 and 30 meters in length, with the equipment and the most modern safety systems.


Our rescue boats 15 m in length are fully equipped to provide emergency medical care at sea.

Design and Innovation

All ships are built according to customer specifications. Our technical office will offer a customized study and budget, where customer satisfaction will be the main objective of the company in the search for excellence.

We believe that the quality and service of the products we offer are the most important added value in shipbuilding. Therefore, in 2006 we decided to introduce quality assurance systems ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 environmental management.

All materials and equipment we use and install on our ships are top quality and in accordance with naval requirements. Our construction process uses the latest techniques in manufacturing composite materials such as vacuum infusion, resin projectors / Gel Coat, mastic and resin distributors, pre-impregnators.

In a few years, Alcantara has become a leading company for building GRP workboats up to 40m length thanks to our vessel quality, fantastic sea keeping and high operating capacity.

ALCANTARA implements advanced rolling and composite processes, using the latest technology.

Certificacion ENAC 1

Construction projects are fully developed in our technical office, providing solutions to each client according to their needs.


  • Naval Architecture Studies
  • Structural Design
  • Design of molds and constructive process
  • Mechanical engineering in 2D and 3D
  • Electrical design
  • Interior design
  • Technical support